This is where I bring together some more or less random stories, ideas and contemplations as well as share some of the conversations I’m having in my personal attempt to make sense of it all.


Finding a map and a compass to navigate the future. A thinking-aloud about meaning and sense-making in a time where established concepts and ways of thinking are failing.

Diary #2

This was a testing ground for some of my ideas for my PhD research and a way of introducing a level of transparency into my research process. A place where I could write more freely about the research process and pose questions about the process itself.

Greenland diaries

Part I of these diary extracts were written during/inspired by a journey to Greenland in the summer of 2008. Part II were written later that year and is an unfinished introductory text to climate change.


This is the page for all writing related to my academic work - published articles, working papers, reviews, interviews, reflections and analyses.

Dark Mountain

If you are looking for stuff related to the Dark Mountain Project, this is where I keep track of my conversations and reflections on mountaineering.