I suspect that PatternWhichConnects started during those long days when I was sitting with my sister in Nuuk University library reading Gregory Bateson but I am not quite sure. It probably also started when I was seventeen and moved from Denmark to Wales. And it started before that “...in 1944” as one of my friends now gently teases me. I wrote somewhere:

“That's how these words began. Like the spilling over of the pouring rain in a paper cup that someone left on the table outside before seeking shelter. So I refuse to be held accountable. Where that word I appears think of rain in a paper cup.”

This is the sentiment that underpins PatternWhichConnects and the thread that holds it together. The rain can’t help spilling over. When I first set up this online home I had no clear idea of where I was going with it and let it develop spontaneously and serendipitously. I didn’t take control.

It was quite surprising how this online platform brought me into contact with others who were willing to share part of their lifeworlds with me. Although my idea of where I’m going is still not entirely clear, I have found a sense of direction through others’ affirmation, reciprocity and sharing.

I am interested in sharing ideas and finding community with like-minded. More and more, I want to bring these connections into my offline life and projects. Although the possibilities are endless in the virtual world, I’m increasingly drawn back into firstlife. If any of what you see here tickles your sweet spot, drop me a line and let’s have a chat.

Learning to trust our heaviness and to fall patiently is perhaps the greatest challenge of our time.

PatternWhichConnects is currently kept as an archive until it finds new life and use - although I still write and update the Remembering blog.  To keep up with my current doings, please visit refiguring.net.


If you want to know more about my background, work and the sort of projects I get involved in, have a look at this page.


I am not really a Twitter mind but I’m beginning to understand it and it is the tool that has opened up the most doors for me in the last years.


I also have a profile on the Science, Society, and Sustainability (3S) website. This is my academic home at the University of East Anglia.


You can reach my by email on jeppegraugaard[at]gmail[.]com