There’s a still point when a wave has tumbled from its peak, embraced the shoreline and rolled back into itself. A momen

Navigating uncertainty at LungA School

Back in January Jonatan Spejlborg got in touch and invited me to co-design a week-long course for LungA, a school which he co-

What it was I did there

After four years of research and writing I’m happy to be able to share my thesis – a theoretical and practical explora

Finding a new place to speak from

Over the last two weeks I’ve had the chance to speak about some of my research at two different conferences, the RGS con

Postcard from the road

It has been a while since I’ve had the time or presence of mind to post anything on PatternWhichConnects, mostly because

Blog tour: living with writing

The blog tour is a kind of online relay where different bloggers write about their work and writing process. By invitation fro

Ragnarok and the fate of the Danish soul

[A society] has to have constellating images to pull together all these tendencies to separation, to pull them together into s

Horizons of Significance – Aligning with coherence

Regulars to this blog will be aware of the work and writing of Tony Dias who has been a conversation partner and fellow explor

Figuring out life in parcels

It’s been about three years since I began PatternWhichConnects. Exactly how it started I can’t really remember any

The voices of the wild places

I close my eyes and really listen. Some of the sounds I can readily identify, the drone of chicadas, birdsong, monkey howls an

Expanding the possible – Uncivilisation 2013 and beyond

This is a culture that wasn’t afraid of ages, but made a waking dream of eternity and dwelt in it. – Jay Griffiths


Draget, the small strip of coastline on Thy where my family’s summerhouse is tucked away between conifers, is a moraine

Medicine stories, liberation and shifting allegiance – A conversation with Charlotte Du Cann

I first met Charlotte Du Cann at a Transition meeting in Norwich years before I bumped into her again at the Uncivilisation fe

Subverting the war of stories – A conversation with Vinay Gupta

Vinay Gupta is one of those hard-to-pin-down, hyper-productive people that seems to be everywhere once you start looking. The

Towards a new time culture

After a few months of editing and learning how to put together a publication, Morten and I are happy to be able to share a tra

Unprogramming the apocalypse – A conversation with Steve Wheeler

Steve Wheeler is one of the people I’ve met who has been thinking about collapse for the longest and probably the deepes

Caught out of the corner of the eye – A conversation with Dougie Strang

Taking time out from busy organising at the last Uncivilisation festival, Dougie Strang shared some of his reflections on the

Looking backwards to see what happens next – A conversation with Alex Fradera

Having thought about improvisation as a central theme in my research, I was excited to find myself in conversation with Alex F

Transforming stories. Sharon Blackie on the culture of nature

I first encountered writer and storyteller Sharon Blackie at the Uncivilisation festival back in 2011. She was telling about h

Serendipity, Edges and Dissolving Language-Armour – A Conversation with Cat Lupton

Last year around this time, I found myself responding to an invitation by Cat Lupton to contribute a piece to her new blog The

Beyond isolation – A conversation with Tony Dias (Part III)

This is the third and final instalment of a longer dialogue with Tony Dias in which we develop some of the themes that emerged

Suspending choice – A conversation with Tony Dias (Part II)

This is the second of a three-part conversation with writer & thinker-maker, Tony Dias, where we delve further into some o

The Common Room

After the disappointment of getting ill and missing what sounds like two fantastic days of conversations and workshops at Redr

Finding community – A conversation with Tony Dias (Part I)

Last February I approached Tony Dias for an interview about his involvement in and thoughts about the Dark Mountain Project. T

Two weeks in October

Vad som än händer så kommer vi aldrig vända om. Kultiration

Breaking the double-bind

I’d come to think of Gregory Bateson as an academic version of Alan Watts, pointing to the limits of the Western modernist w

The otherness of time – A conversation with Jay Griffiths

I bumped into Jay Griffiths at the Dark Mountain festival and had an improvised chat about wild time, progress and narrative.

New clothes for PatternWhichConnects

The site has been dressed up to be more reader friendly, more easy to navigate, and generally just a little better looking. Th

The reality of collapse – reflections on Uncivilisation 2012

About this time last year, I was sitting in the same place I am sitting now, mulling over similar thoughts, trying to convey s

Building a new time culture – launching time-culture.net

My old friend Morten Svenstrup and I am launching the website time-culture.net as a place for dialogue about how we experience

Soul-making, wildness and the psychology of collapse – A conversation with Steve Thorp

When I came across Steve Thorp’s blog Psycho-Bubble last winter I found a style of writing that was both sincere and explora

David Graeber and the rewriting of monetary history

This review of David Graeber’s ‘Debt’ appeared in Volume 16 of the International Journal for Community Currency Research

Why you should get Dark Mountain Issue 3 now

The third issue of the Dark Mountain Project’s yearly publication is in the making. It is crowd-funded by people who pre-ord


When the going gets rough and all statements seem worthless it is time to sit still, ruffle some feathers and leave the world

Getting to month one hundred – A conversation with Paul Kingsnorth

“This is like a movement of people who have seen the promises broken. You come through the other side of the development pro

Stories about violence

I recently partook in a conversation about violence. Really, it was about appropriate responses to ecocide but it quickly focu

Uncivilisation, settlerism, metaphorising and jazz – A conversation with Andrew Taggart

In early February I called up the American philosopher Andrew Taggart in New York for the first of a series of interviews with

Self-abandonment and devotion

I continue to be excited, uplifted, exhilarated, even, by Rainer Maria Rilke’s Book of Hours – a collection of poetry

When the game is rigged and the ref is corrupt

Perhaps what we should fear most in this age of Collapse is the strain on our hearts that the weight of living in the Machine

Convergence and fragmentation

Once we start recognising recurring features in the world and begin seeing patterns that converge, we tend to merge disparate

Changes to the site

I’ve finally found the time to bring PatternWhichConnects up to scratch, or at least a little closer to what I originally ha


It’s the hour of passing through the needle’s eye: “I am here” becoming “I was there”. Like smoke time dissipates

Icicles, darkness, moonlight and rainbows

It was a strange time to be writing. All my circles had converged on each other and patterns I had never dreamed of became app

Out into your heart as onto a vast plain

Happy New Year. May the coming year bring you strength and joyous times wherever you are. The year gone felt like a bumper car

The coming storm

It’s one of those days. Words seem like enemy soldiers lined up on the surrounding hill tops, menacing silhouettes against a

Hungry City

Carolyn Steel is an architect who got interested in what would happen if she described cities through food. The work and the i

Beyond the parameters of the game – A conversation with Dougald Hine

Having had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend at the Dark Mountain Festival 2011 in Hampshire, I started thinking seriously about

No-brainer, that’s a left brainer, right?

I started reading Iain McGilchrist’s book ‘The Master and the Emissary’ a while back. I started other books before I fin


I went to Toronto. It is great! And I say that having arrived with a large degree of scepticism towards… well, towards c

Sirmilik and other places

I had the good fortune to come across the imagineNATIVE film and media arts festival in Toronto this week, and having found a


Here I am. On the verge. Looking back at the landscape of the last weeks, months, what before seemed like a chaotic sprawling

A week in October

Trains, tired transformations, talkings and translucent trees. You find so many holes in time when you move faster than your t

Where next for PatternWhichConnects?

I have been running this site for a year now. Closing a circle is always a good opportunity to reflect on what’s happened an

The Dark Mountain Project & Uncivilisation

Words and images can change minds, hearts, even the course of history. Their makers shape the stories people carry through the

Heart-Mind stories

What is the Heart-Mind Computer? I offer you my initial thoughts and visions for the Heart-Mind Computer. Not as a way of expl

The Heart-Mind Computer takes off

This is the programme subject to a minor change. Lucinda Abel won’t be able to do her online narrative, so instead I am sett

Invitation to co-create the Heart-Mind Computer

Artists, inventors and visionaries are cordially invited to co-create the Heart-Mind Computer, an interactive art exhibition a

Feminism and the dualism disease

I’d like to know if someone out there has done a qualitative comparison of attitudes to ‘feminism’ across di

Words are like bridges

Ever since I started reading Wittgenstein as an undergraduate I have been fascinated by the power of words to invoke and creat

Ashes and Snow – in the eyes of the beholder

“What matters, is not what is written on the page, what matters, is what is written in the heart, So burn the letters, and l

Shifting consciousness – reflecting on the meaning of Gaia

So what happens after all this reading and thinking about Gaia? If we take seriously the insight that the Earth works as a gra

One Grand Organic Whole

I wanted to write a sort of introductory piece to Gaia. This turned out to become a rather lengthy and slightly muddled accoun

The future is ours to decide

You might well be aware of Jason deCaires Taylor’s world of underwater sculpture coral conservation projects. I wasn’t unt

Do it loud – surviving and thriving in the Great Transition

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in the middle of a Great Transition. This is the time of [insert pet doomsday s

Meeting Mary Midgley

As I am currently reading up on Gaia (or Earth System Science), I felt struck by serendipity when I saw that philosopher Mary