Invitation to co-create the Heart-Mind Computer

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Artists, inventors and visionaries are cordially invited to co-create the Heart-Mind Computer, an interactive art exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre, Norwich.

For one evening only, the Living Area – the open space displaying the Centre’s permanent exhibition – will be transformed into a large computer consisting of ten multi-media art installations, or happenings, that engage spectators in a range of themes linked to the environment. Each piece will be an immersive experience, that will express your vision of one of either Time, Waste, Population, Cycles, Growth & Change, Boundary Spaces, Innovation, Control, Crisis, or Isolation.

The aim of each art piece is to encourage the spectators to interact with each of the themes on their own terms – through the lens of their own lived experience. Co-creators of the Heart-Mind Computer are encouraged to make use of a range of different media, from photography, painting, and video to found objects, the human body, and theatre; choice of material will depend on your interpretation of the theme you choose. Each installation can be up 8m2 in size, and will be positioned in the Living Area according to their specific characteristics.

Acting as a whole, the ten installations offer experiences that break down the physical and mental distance from different aspects of the environment. The walls of the Living Area act as a labyrinth and as the spectators walk through the Heart-Mind Computer following different paths, they get the sense of being inside a single, giant network. The spectators are given a map of the Computer eliciting responses for each installation which will serve to situate their subjective experience on the planes of the heart and the mind.

The spectator enters the Heart-Mind Computer through the ‘interface,’ an enclosed space which delineates the experience from everyday reality. Here, the spectator is given a map of the exhibition containing a floor plan with a route through the installations. This route is randomised for each map so that each experience is inimitable. The map also contains various diagrams where the spectator can record her response to each art piece. The responses then serve as the basis for a 5 minute discussion with a Heart-Mind Facilitator at the end of the route. This discussion gives the spectator an opportunity to reflect on the exhibition as a whole and explore where she situates herself in her Heart and Mind in relation to the individual themes. Finally, the spectator is invited to write or draw a message on a large canvas, adding to a physical representation of the collective experience of the Heart-Mind Computer.

We are interested in hearing how you can express one of the environmental themes in the terms described above. There will be opportunities for you to shape the final version of the Heart-Mind Computer beyond your own installation as we will convene all participants to exchange ideas and inspiration prior to the exhibition.


Time / Waste / Population / Cycles / Growth & Change / Boundary Spaces / Innovation / Control / Crisis / Isolation


Get in touch to discuss the exhibition in more detail, or submit a proposal outlining the vision of your chosen theme directly to the address above (there is no funding available for your installation). The deadline for submission of concepts and ideas is March 1st.

You will hear whether your project has been selected in early March. An initial meeting with artists, organisers, Facilitators and assistants will be held on March 8th and each art installation should be finished on April 6th. The Heart-Mind computer is switched on at the Late Shift on April 20th 2011.

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